Best Experiences To Engage In While In Melbourne

August 28, 2018 By Eugenia Toscani

Brighton is a place where you can explore and relax. It will definitely cheer you up. Once you set foot in this part of Melbourne you wont feel like going home.Melbourne is a place where people tend to travel a lot to. You will find many tourists at different parts of the year. The reason for this is that Melbourne is a place which is quite cheerful and warm. It will welcome you will open arms and make you feel like home. Apart from taking a stroll in the Melbourne’s many laneways, watching a cricket match there are so many things to do. Here’s some must-do things.

Rooftop bar experience

Melbourne is quite famous for rooftop bars. In fact, there are so many cocktails to try. The beautiful view you gain through these rooftop bars are just an added bonus to the whole experience. Make sure you book some short stay apartments in Brighton, because once you try a rooftop bar you want go home without going for seconds. This will definitely pump you up. So, make sure you enjoy the authentic Melbourne rooftop bar experience.

Shop shop shop!

Another thing that you must do in Melbourne is go shopping. Obvious right? Well, this experience might be a bit more than just obvious. Melbourne has some amazing local brands and designers. They are something that you want to try. You can get items from different styles. A vintage lover? Melbourne’s chapel street got you covered. More of an international brand fan? Emporium has you covered. Also, don’t forget to explore the little local shops. You will find some amazing finds.


One thing that you definitely don’t want to miss is the amazing wineries in Melbourne. So buckle up and find some great form of accommodation because you will definitely go for many wineries and wont stop at just once. These world class wineries will offer wine tasting and a journey through the winery. Spend a day exploring the tongue-tangling wine. It is something that every traveler engage in.


Don\’t forget to snap a photo with a koala bear. There are so many sanctuaries like the Healsville Sanctuary in Melbourne. Visit them to see the adorable animals. Kangaroos aren’t the only ones you want to say hi to.These are just a few things that you must do in Melbourne. Melbourne in Australia is a great city which offers so many experiences. It isn’t something that you cover up in a day or two. So, take your time and enjoy the beautiful ride. Let every moment soak in because this is going to be a lasting memory.