Celebrate Mother’s Day In Style

September 13, 2017 By Eugenia Toscani

With Mother’s day coming up you may be wrecking your brain to find a way to show the most important woman in your life how much she means to you. Well, we got you covered with these 3 fun ideas to celebrate mother’s day in style in order to make this an unforgettable experience for your mother.


Remember all those times when you mother’s day gift was breakfast in bed which always ended with one over enthusiastic family member spilling coffee or scrambled eggs all over your mother’s pristine white coverlet. Well this year instead of causing permanent damage to her coverlet, you could take breakfast in bed up a notch by taking your mother out for a special mother’s day brunch. Brunch could be arranged at a Hong Kong luxury hotel venue as many of these places have special menus or offers on this day.

 However, if fancy hotels are not your mom’s cup of tea you could always let your mom sleep in and gather your family together to host a brunch at home. Furthermore, you could ask the entire family to pitch in to set up a fabulous spread. This could also be a way to show your mother how much you appreciated her taking the time to make you breakfast when growing up.

 Weekend Gateway

 Make mother’s day a little special by taking your mother out for a relaxing weekend gateway.  Ensure that your mother is treated as the Queen she is by taking her to luxury hotel or resort. However, one should note that to spend your time at a 5 star hotel booking online is always recommended especially if mother’s day falls during the weekend.

 However, you should also note that it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars for a weekend gateway. Instead of a luxury hotel, you could always take her to the cute bed and breakfast that she always admired.

 Movie Night

 The idea of a movie night may sound simple enough but how often do you go out with your mother to watch a movie.  You could either pick a featured movie or if your mother is a classic film lover you could take her to a cinema that shows such movies. However, if you feel that there aren’t movies that could appeal to your mother you could always host a movie night at home with unlimited popcorn and milk duds.

 Ultimately, what you should ensure is to not only celebrate this day with your mother but each day of the year for being the most amazing woman you know.