Organising A Wine Tasting Excursion

April 18, 2017 By Eugenia Toscani

There are many things you need to consider when you’re organising a tour to the winery. This might be a little difficult if you’re a beginner. You can visit a few websites of companies that book these tours and find more information. There are also many blogs and websites that offer helpful advice to beginners.

You need to book the tour in advance. Wineries have limited space and if you’re not quick to book one, you may miss the tour of your favourite winery. You can speak with the winery beforehand and get information on their wine tasting tours and other particulars. You can visit their websites to see what their specialties are and what sort of budget you will need for the trip. You should also note that wineries will be very crowded during the peak seasons so you need to get an early start to avoid the busy crowds. You will not be able to get a personalized visit if you start the tour midday in the weekend. If you want a more relaxed tour, you can plan your trip during the off season.

You may be wondering whether to spit or swallow when you’re tasting the wine. But you’re allowed to do either. If you’re enjoying a particular wine, it’s perfectly fine to drink it. But if you feel like you don’t like a type, you are not obliged to finish it. If you have scheduled more stops for the day, it is better to spit a few wines so that you will not feel inebriated at the end of it. Therefore, you need to pace yourself to get the maximum use out of the Adelaide Hills wine tours.

You can hire a driver or sing up for a tour that comes with a designated driver. There are companies that offer vehicles and plan tours to wineries so that you’re free to enjoy the day without stressing over the tiny things. You can also join with a small group of people. This will allow you to get in touch with likeminded people and you’ll be able to make some new friends. You don’t need to visit the largest wineries to get the best experience. Sometimes they tend to be crowded. You can visit smaller wineries as well so that you get a more well-rounded experience. You can ask them for local places where you can go to eat. Some wineries will even have a restaurant that serves food that goes well with the wine that they offer. The tours don’t all have to be expensive. You can plan well on a low budget and still get a good experience. It’s all about having fun and making good memories.